Coffee Consumption and Risk of Death

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The coffee industry is booming, with an endless commodity chain and coffee consumption at record highs.

There isn’t a beverage on the planet more consumed and heralded than coffee. It’s both the greatest natural invigorator and pacifier of our age.

Naturally, to confirm it wasn’t lethal researchers have put our beloved bean under the scope.

One huge prospective study looked at the association of coffee consumption and risk of death.

At first, they found an increased risk of death among coffee drinkers. But, after adjusting for tobacco smoking and other confounders such as alcohol and red meat consumption, they found a significant inverse shift.

The study showed inverse associations of coffee drinking with deaths from all causes. Specifically with deaths due to heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections.

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While the authors noted several study limitations and were not able to establish cause and effect, they do offer a nod of reassurance that coffee consumption likely isn’t a serious health concern.

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