Does Static Stretching Increase Flexibility and Performance?

Got a quick fitbit for you today.

Reader Matt has asked me for some study soundbites showing that static stretching does not improve performance or reduce injury risk.

And as it so happens, I had a few gems I’d been keeping locked away in the vault for such an occasion. 

“We conclude that the usage of Static Stretching as the sole activity during warm-up routine should generally be avoided.”
Simic et al, 2013.

“Strength training performed without any type of stretching exercise, regardless of whether the stretching is performed before or during the lifting session, can more effectively increase muscle strength.”
Borges Bastos et al, 2013.

”…Static stretching should be avoided before a short endurance bout.”
Lowery et al, 2014.

“The evidence from randomised studies suggests that muscle stretching, whether conducted before, after, or before and after exercise, does not produce clinically important reductions in delayed-onset muscle soreness in healthy adults.”
Herbert et al, 2011.

“Muscle stretching before exercising does not produce meaningful reductions in the risk of injury.”
Herbert et al, 2002.

“Stretching was not significantly associated with a reduction in total injuries”
Thacker et al, 2004.

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