Going Nowhere Fast

Man resting in gym thinking about life

When life’s good, eating and training dialled in, most of us will have no trouble making ground on our goals.

But that’s not when things usually go pear-shaped, is it?

It’s when life gets tough that our plans are tested.

It’s when work stress, long days, heart hurts, and other tumultuous facts of life creep in that our cruise-control hits gravel.

Knowing this, that none of these difficulties are surprising, that likely you’ve encountered them before:

The real strength of your plan is in how it mechanises against and around these potholes along away.

Because they will always be there.

And if you haven’t done your homework on this what makes you think it will be any different this time around?

The pedal is down but your hands aren’t even on the steering wheel.


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Danny James

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