Meathead Meditations

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If you have ever been one of my private training clients, we will have likely had the following exchange: 

You: ”How many reps to go?”
Me: ”…Two to go.”

And, to be perfectly honest there’s a high probability that I wasn’t certain how many reps were left.

There’s also a high chance that ‘two more’ seemed within your reach. 

Don’t get me wrong, I will always have a plan and I do start counting along.

But through the chaos of keeping you between the lines, pushing the borders of your ability, and asking about your family, I can lose track. 

Some coaches say, ”I don’t count reps, I coach them.” 

And to an extent, I agree with this. 

But, I will add that save for very high-rep sets, if your focus is so peppered that you can’t lift and count your reps then there’s a good chance I’ve picked the wrong move for you. 

I’ll always be right there, of course, to shape and cue you into the form we need, but the real art of coaching is not needing to.

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