Something Small and Easy, Today

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It doesn’t need to be revolutionary today. It can be small and easy if you like.

Bring it all back to the simple notion that you’re just going to do something to move your body. Give yourself fifteen minutes to brush the dust off, unclog the joints and feel the air passing through your lungs. 

A single exercise for a few sets, a short walk or bike ride, anything that you’ll enjoy and nothing grand or complicated. 

It’s the start that stops most people, so start with something so easy you can’t help but win. 

I’ve seen small actions like drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning take effect with powerful clarity. I’ve seen how going to bed an hour earlier each night can breathe new life into days and gradually and completely transform a life. I’ve seen it far too often now not to believe in the power of small and easy. 

In the summer here in Australia, a single concentrated sunbeam can start a raging bushfire. 

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Danny James

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