Sticks, Stones and Fragility

Heavy bench press hand off in training

This is one of my favourite lines from a paper that came out last year about what works in the self-management of chronic pain: 

”Enablers to self-management included self-discovery—the ability to distinguish self (ie, body, thoughts, and feelings) from pain; feeling empowered by incorporating self-management strategies into practice; and supportive ambience via collaborative relationships with clinicians and support from family and friends.”

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We are not impervious to injury and certainly, injuries can’t always be ‘prevented.’

But, we are in constant fluctuation – a swirling commixture of inputs and outputs.

We are incredibly resilient and adaptable organisms. 

Sticks and stones may indeed break bones.

But, nothing quite fosters fragility like engendering the notion of being perfectly symmetrical, pain-free and 100% mint condition. 

That’s simply not reality. 

Nicks and asymmetries are an unavoidable fact of life. 

Surround your self with a support team that understands this and equips you with a sword, than rather a shield. 


1. What Works and Does Not Work in a Self-Management Intervention for People With Chronic Pain? Qualitative Systematic Review and Meta-Synthesis. Devan, et al. 2018

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