Your Place In the Sun

Fitness woman celebrating success in the sun

The vast majority of your training will be rather monotonous and ordinary. You’ll clock-in, do the work, call it a day and try to string a few days like this together.

There’s an inherent redundancy to getting to better that you have to make peace with. 

It’s a long road of inconvenient and unremarkable work focused on a far-off point you can only imagine.  

It’s not about the one-off shining moment, but the daily building, accumulating and stockpiling. 

And you won’t get to stand in the sun, satisfied and triumphant at the pile you’ve collected resembling a whole new you until you’ve put in the hours, weeks, and months shovelling the dirt. 

That’s just how training works. 

Success is always a focus before it’s a feeling. 

Danny James

Danny James is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer in Sydney, Australia. He has over ten years of experience working with the fastest track and field youth athletes in the country. He lives in Glebe with his beautiful wife Fabiana. Sign up for Danny's free newsletter and receive tips, insights and exclusive email-only content.

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