Danny James coaches and writes about fitness, training, and human performance.

His work at dannyleejames.com involves curating simple frameworks to help you train smarter, and enjoy a more fulfilling pursuit of better health.

He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and beautiful twins.

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Danny James has over 15 years of coaching experience ranging from Olympians and national champions in multiple sports to office workers.

Danny champions simplicity, strategy, and live problem-solving. He has a keen eye for scaling movement and follows a principles-based and integrated model of training. This stems from his ongoing interest and study of human movement, and broad experience coaching a diverse group of people throughout his career. His former head role in post-rehabilitation fitness and sports performance also played a part.

Danny believes in empowering athletes and clients to manage themselves and playing a supportive role in the process.

There will be a dedicated services page up soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in coaching please reach out to Danny here.



Danny is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, Licensed State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation, Accredited Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia, Accredited Australian Sports Commission Coach, and member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

The Goal 

  1. Give you the tools you need to build your own perspective on a complete training process.
  2. Bring simplicity, structure, support, and above all, meaning to your personal improvement journey.



Other Projects


Danny is in the process of editing and publishing the first episodes of his long-awaited new podcast called, Fitness Fragments. He is hosting some of the best minds in human performance across a range of domains. We hear their stories and the lessons learned before diving into actionable frameworks and advice for living better.

His other podcast Sydney Strength Coach goes into production soon.


More recently Danny has begun working on Online Performance Coach, a new website exploring highly specific topics in productivity, self-improvement, and high-performance living. The aim here is to put a narrow lens on actionable tips for the broader perspective of sustainable success beyond a sporting context.

This will also be the hub for Danny's short courses, consulting services, and free newsletter. Join here to get on the list for beta-testing some of the courses for free.

Online Performance Coach


If you have any questions or enquiries, please reach out at any time.

The very best way to reach Danny James is by sending an email to danny@dannyleejames.com, or by popping your questions and email address into the chat bubble in the bottom-right of your screen.

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Danny prioritises his replies to clients first and foremost, and subscribers.

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About Danny's Emails


Thank you, Danny James. Still loving your beautiful emails. 

Sara Lodo


I did want to provide you some feedback about your emails. They are just splendid! I particularly enjoyed the content on the foam roller with cocaine hidden inside, so much so that I shared it with work colleagues. Lol.


Kate Southwell

I like your short, sharp emails and your content is to the point. Thanks for not wasting my time or selling me something at the end of every email.

Jorge Meneses

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