December 16, 2019

An Acceptable Form of Violence

One of the more fluid and majestic things you’ll ever see in a gym are well-executed medicine ball throws. 

There’s something about seeing the body move with both precision and savagery that inspires me. I think the intersection of these two roads is where real mastery lies.  

And it’s always uplifting to hear that sound from across the gym, of somebody popping away with purpose – a reminder that we can still move with intent in our daily lives. 

In my view, the number one piece of equipment that every gym should have is a large wall area to throw medicine balls.

They’re a fun, safe, and easy-to-coach way to develop whole-body power. 

As far as ROI, you get co-ordination, high-speed muscle activation, maintain or enhance reactive strength, and the ability to own your place against shifting postural disturbances. 

Great for athletes but increasingly vital for all of us, particularly as we age and power declines, dimming our ability to correct or catch ourselves from falling. 

There are some nuances though:

Shift from the outside foot to the inside foot, from the ground through the hip, trunk and out through the upper limbs. 

It’s sequential like a whip. Each segment accelerating the next.

Load and explode. Coil and kill. 

It seems where there is a rapid cocking phase in mid-range the more devasting the impact.

And that is exactly what we’re after – save the slow and drudgery for your strength work – this is about the strength you need quickly. 

The ball needs to be light, moving fast, and your intent is pure violence. 

Danny James

Danny James is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer with over ten years of experience working with the fastest track and field youth athletes in the country. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his beautiful wife Fabiana. Sign up for Danny's free newsletter and receive tips, insights and exclusive email-only content.

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