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I'm often asked about what can be done to speed up recovery. 

More often than not I find myself responding with…

”Recovery from what?” 

Because we also need to know what you're doing to know how best to bring you back.  

Different modes of exercise type will produce a different stimulus, recovery and adaptation cycle.

High volume squatting will cause significantly more disruption than twenty minutes on a stationary bike, for example. As a result, the premium on recovery will vary.

Also, people tend to have wildly ambitious notions of the quality of the work they're putting in. 

Either working not nearly hard enough or working too hard for too long. 

Not to mention, the numerous other factors to consider outside of training that will influence your health and recovery.

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In general, getting enough sleep, eating better and destressing are going to cover a large part of what you need in varying amounts to speed up recovery. 

Sitting quietly in a chair by yourself, folding 1000 paper cranes and paying no mind to your phone or mood ring will do far more for your recovery than any supplement that I know of. 

I know, sounds too simple to be true. 

But honestly, here's the thing.

The hardest part of recovering that I can see is keeping the hard days hard and the easy days easy. 

Knowing when to push the gas and when to ease the brakes and having the discipline to stick to the plan

You do that, and I promise you you'll be golden but the bottom line is this: 

The most important thing you can do to improve your recovery is to first improve your programming

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