December 16, 2019

Text Neck

The idea that societal texting has increased the incidence of neck pain and poor posture is still not an idea supported with evidence. 

Numerous papers have shown that neck problems have been around for a long time including in children and adolescents, predating the release of i-phones altogether (1). 

Many physiotherapists have also stated that phone use is likely ”incidental to the development of neck pain” (2) and that we’ve been using the same mechanics to read the newspaper and books for centuries without concern. 

If you ask me, if there’s any spurious correlation worth looking into, it’s the association between cat lovers and psychopathy. 

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Notes & References: 
1. ”The results of the study showed that kyphosis and lordosis increased and mobility decreased in the 90 children who were examined both at age 5–6 and 15–16 years. The relationship between kyphosis and lordosis decreased in girls but not in boys. Occasional low back pain was reported by 38% of the children at the age of 15–16 years, but back pain was not related to posture, spinal mobility or physical activity.”

Spine: posture, mobility and pain. A longitudinal study from childhood to adolescence
Widhe, 2001

2. Mobile phones are not a pain in the neck
by Daily Mail Australia

3. ”This study did not show an association between text neck and neck pain in 18–21-year-old young adults.”
Text neck and neck pain in 18-21-year-old young adults 
Demasceno, 2018

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