The Quality of Your Relationships

Women's sports team embracing and celebrating quality relationship and happiness

When you look at the happiness, well-being and quality of life studies done, there is one common link among the people who lived a happy, fulfilling life. 

The common denominator among them was the quality of their relationships. 

We are inherently social beings., even if sometimes we don’t like to admit it.

Reach out and reconnect with someone this week.

Speak with or spend time with somebody you care about this weekend. 

”Contrary to the belief that happiness is hard to explain, or that it depends on having great wealth, researchers have identified the core factors in a happy life. The primary components are number of friends, closeness of friends, closeness of family, and relationships with co-workers and neighbours.

Together these features explain about 70% of personal happiness.”

– Murray and Peacock 1996

Danny James

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